Sunday, March 16, 2008

Magical Castle

I visited the Magic Castle with a group of friends last night! It's a mansion in Hollywood that I have passed by many times but never considered going into. I admit that it was such a blast, I will recommend it to everyone! So much fun! The original building was built around 1908 and it looks like they kept the original furniture. We did a lot of walking to the various rooms where you could see shows in progress and all the performers were highly skilled.

The high point was watching Brian Gillis work his magic in the close-up gallery. He did some excellent card tricks in a very intimate setting and I really tried to watch his hands. Amazing. Everyone there was really amazing. I always thought that the best magicians went to las Vegas because that's where the money is. I was wrong, the best guys work at the Magic Castle.I could not bring a camera into the building. I guess they are worried about the tricks getting out. I would have loved some card trick video.

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