Friday, March 21, 2008

Fun with a brush!

I don't take time to sketch as much as I used to. When I travel and I'm waiting for a plane or if I'm hanging in the hotel room, I'll draw some thing and maybe send it as a postcard. I love getting postcards! Anyhoo, when I am inking I use a piece of bristol paper on the side to prepare my brush. I some times do a sketch or two there.


mmclaurin said...

At Marvel they had these great old blank postcards for sending notes to people who wrote in to letters pages, whom you wanted to respond to, but not on the page. They were printed on watercolor paper! I still have a bunch of these, and they are great for sketches as postcards, and are a regulation postcard size? Do you remember those?

Don Hudson said...

I remember the post notes but I never got to write one. Why don't you send me a couple and I'll return it with a sketch?