Friday, November 09, 2007

World's Greatest Comic

I was in Burbank yesterday and I stopped in the popular comic shop there. Early afternoon on Thursday is a good time to visit. As I was paying for my two books (Criminal and Y, The last man), I saw that Dwayne McDuffie had come in and he was making his choices. I said hello and we shook hands, then I asked if he was still writing The Fantastic Four. He said yes and It occurred to me that I haven't bought the book in years! I thought I should support a friend, so i bought the latest issue. Issue number 551. I took it home and read it. This is what I think of it.

Not so good. I won't comment about the writing because I am not a Writer. But I will say that the artwork needed help. The most striking thing about the book was how the guy drew The Thing. I thought that there were style guides to keep the character consistent. Is Ben Grimm supposed to look the way Kirby and Sinnott drew him? This current artist draws him with with fingernails and wrinkles around the eyes. And the more recent addition of teeth in The Things mouth continues to piss me off.

I am I not thinking clearly? Are the gods of continuity dead? Enough already. I will stop writing about how the book has changed and let my money do the talking. The next issue of FABLES comes out next week and I will be on line to buy it. No complaints.


Ben said...

Agree with you on the teeth. They just look wrong in that rocky face.

By the way, your story in Tales From the Crypt #3 looks great.

Don Hudson said...

Thanks for the compliment Ben! I would like to see it in color.