Sunday, November 04, 2007


I was a part-time employee of thge GAP from spring 2001 to winter2002. I've had all kinds of jobs during my time on Earth and this was one of the best! The hours were flexible and the perks were great. The management tried to get you excited about the latest arrivals and every so often I would be scheduled for an early morning shift to help unload the delivery truck. By early, I mean 4:00 in the morning. It wasn't so bad. I am an early riser and once you put some music on in the store, it can be fun with a bunch of people.

Once there was a guy who would sneak in the store and steal a bunch of denim jeans that we kept by the entrance. The manager identified the guy from the security tapes. When I was working the floor, the guy came in again and I got in his face. He turned around and left! A little bit of drama, but I felt like I was protecting my turf. Just so you all know, there are cameras all over the store. Except for the dressing rooms, but they can follow you as soon as you walk in. That's why Winona was found guilty.

So the best thing was the discount clothes! I worked at a store in Santa Monica with a large inventory. Jackets, jeans and everything else was kept on the top floor and it was a challenge to locate an item for a customer. Because it was so vast up there, sometimes a peice of clothing would get misplaced and not be discovered for months. When we would check the price in the computer It would be greatly discounted. Check out this groovy discount dude!

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