Friday, September 14, 2007

Live from Pasadena

This was the first event promoting the new Star Trek manga! It's the new anthology book from Tokyopop and we a re signing at the Comics Factory in Pasadena! I show up a little early for the event and I have a chance to give the location the once over. It's a great location with a lot of space. Well lit and Clean. There were five of us meeting the fans, Mike Wellman, Christine Boylan, Wil Wheaton, Luis Reyes from Tokyopop and myself. It was a humble turnout to be sure, but we may get some sweet coverage from Star We signed some books for a future promotion.

Two things worth mentioning; I was the only artist there, so I did some quick sketches of the Enterprise with every autograph. Come to the next signing and get a bonus sketch! This was the first time I spent any time hanging with W. Wheaton. Nice guy.
A bunch of us went to an Irish bar he hangs at after the signing. We had some laffs.

I think the next signing will rock the house! I will be at Meltdown comics on Sept. 19th! Come on over and I will tell you why Star Trek rules and why Meltdown Comics sucks!


Marc Siry said...

Was that video captured with a tricorder? They need to recalibrate the flux capacitor.

Don Hudson said...

My camera is of poor quality. I am shamed.

Marc Siry said...

I blame YouTube!