Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Warm colors!

I found another example of a night scene done in warm colors! It's a photograph but I can see it being reproduced in photoshop. I am trying to color my own work(I haven't gotten past black and white tones yet), but I am keeping an open mind. What do you think?
EDIT_--I should have added this link to an earlier blog posting in April, where I talked about comicbook coloring. color!


Marc Siry said...

Here's what I think. Take your digital camera and set it to 'no flash' mode. Then, take pictures at night. What do you get? Warm colors ONLY. Everything is orange or shades thereof. That's because in the instance of a lack of visible light (which tends toward the ultraviolet, or blue-white), infrared is the dominant illumination. The segment of that radiation that spills to the visible spectrum is red-orange, and thus, 'warm' (although, ironically, 'cooler' than the ultraviolet spectrum).
So there.

Steve Buccellato said...

Marc is such a nerd!

Steve Buccellato said...

...But I think that's AWESOME!

As for the warm night colors, you know my opinion: DO IT! But I think you need a LOT of black in your art to convey that it's night. Just like in that photo!

I'm glad you're learning to color!