Saturday, August 18, 2007

Early Work

Every artist has a really bad early job. This page is one of mine! An 8 page KULL Back-up story in The Savage Sword of Conan. It was normal for Editors back then to pair bad pencilers with excellent inkers and my job was inked by E.R. Cruz. He helped my anatomy and gave depth to my backgronds. I don't have any copies of my pencils, but I think my storytelling holds up well. I hate looking at my old stuff. I keep wanting to re-draw everything.

One more thing, When I started doing BGs for layton he promised that he would ink my first penciling jobs. He never did. The closest he got was this face. I think he got a hold of the story, and for whatever reason, returned it. I guess that's another story.


Marc Siry said...

The art looks fine. I'm more concerned for the letterer! I forgot how shaky everything looked, pre-ComiCraft days.

Don Hudson said...

I get your point, but the letterer was not that good.