Saturday, June 16, 2007

Unseen Alan Weiss

As you may know, I am a big fan of the work of Alan Weiss. He puts a lot into every page he pencils and it shows. I don't remember when I came across the art I've posted here. I do know that it was drawn by A. Weiss after his stint on The Avengers in the mid-Eighties.

Weiss draws the Sub-Mariner entering a colorful, swabby bar and I guess the locals pick a fight. He lays out the storytelling in notes on the bottom of the page. This stuff looks like so much fun to ink, and I think I might have lightboxed a page to ink for practice a few years ago.

He did not finish the story. Only 5 pages were done and the fifth page is incomplete. He could have handed over the pages to the Editor of the book at the time, and they sat around the Marvel office. That's how I saw them. These are some beautiful pages and i wish I knew the whole story. If someone can shed some light, let me know!

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