Saturday, June 30, 2007

Back to Greenpoint!

When I visited NYC earlier this year, I made a point to go back to Greenpoint. I shared a place with two other guys and it was cool. One of the roomies like to make films and he got a bunch of his friends, including me, to act in his photoplays. If you are not familiar with Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it's an old neighborhood on the East River. It had a harbor that once built ships for the Union Army in the Civil War. So, as an old port, it has a lot of old buildings. Those old buildings made some great scenery for movie making!

Like I said, I was an actor in my roomates 'movie'. It was on VHS, so I don't think you will see it in Cannes anytime soon. It was fun and I was so impressed by this location, I returned a few days later to shoot a sepia snapshot of the corner. It's the corner of West st. and Oak st. in 1989.

Twelve years later, I go back to the scene of the crime and I find out that one of the warehouses in the old photo was burned down. Some thieves used fire to help strip the copper wire from the building. I read that the fire was pretty big. I'm sorry I missed it.

Like I said, My friend got some good shots of the location. Maybe one day he'll transfer the tapes to DVD.

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