Friday, November 10, 2006

Previews AD

The first issue of my Kolchak run has been solicited in the NOV 2006 issue of Previews. That's cool. I am keeping to a monthly schedule so I don't blow my deadline. The only thing that pisses me off about the ad is the credits. I don't want to come off wrong, but I am at the bottom of the Ad and I'm the friggin' artist!
Take a look at it. David Michelinie is the writer, Bob Layton did the Cover and I penciled and inked the book. I know those two are more well known, but at least mention that I drew the damn thing.

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Steve Buccellato said...

That, my friend, is screwed-up.

Moonstone is not such a big company that they can afford to alienate artists by treating them like that. Very uncool.

And, it's not likeBob Layton and David Michelinie are big fan-favorites. They haven't been for more than a decade.

As someone who has worked for Moonstone, I must say that they are very nice people. My personal experience was good, but professionaly, I think that they are clueless...for so many reasons. I'll spare everyone the details.

One more point, in case any small publishers are out there reading this:

Giving creators their due respect does NOT cost more money. When you do not, it costs YOU respect in the long run.

That's why I admire people like Kurt Busiek or Jeph Loeb, who always treat their collaborators like they are truly part of a team. Back when I was working on the first run of Astro City as a colorist, Kurt was thoughtful enought to put my credit and the letterer's credit (Comicraft) on the COVER of the book, with the other authors. The lesson here is that, more than a decade later, I am still talking about how great it was for him to do that. In that one decision, Kurt bought a huge amount of good will, that may yet serve him in ways he doesn't even know about.