Saturday, November 04, 2006

I hate flying

So here I am back in New York City. I got a call last week from the Jersey Boys AD asking if I could fly to NYC. The show needs some more artwork(different artwork) for the show. This is neat! The Jersey Boys job is like a gift that keeps on giving.

Early November is a good time to visit Broadway. Not too chilly and right before the Holiday rush. I admit that the one thing I could do without is the cattle drive style of flying. I took a red eye flight and did not sleep a wink. My knees hit the forward seat and my neck hurts. It's morning and I'm a bit dopey and a little cranky.

And another thing...Did you know that the NY Marathon is this Sunday? There are hundreds of international runners training in the streets! Waving flags and all sorts of stuff. Finding a hotel was an effort, but the JB production office found the MUSE Hotel

I have yet to check in. Stay tuned for my review.

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