Sunday, October 29, 2006

The latest Variety

In the Oct 23-29 issue of Variety magazine has a Virgin Comics preview issue with it. It's sure to be read by the Hollywood ruling class, but it's not so hot in my opinion. The book says director's cut on the cover but it's censored on the inside. It's a 9 page preview, so maybe the full length book is much better.


Marcus McLaurin said...

God, you are so kind, Don. Kindness breeds mediocrity, which was maybe fine while your work was mediocre. But you're better than that now. Whaddaya really think?

Don Hudson said...

Alright then.The fuzzy paint style is OK for the Flashback style prologue, but it does not help the bad storytelling that follows it. The art is shabby. The page I've shown with the censored balloons is a little hard to follow. The last panel in particular. I don't know the artist, but the editor should have known enough to have him redraw it.