Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bill Sienkiewicz Inking

I can remember working in the Marvel bullpen in the 80s and watching Bill Sienkiewicz Ink a cover for ROM the Spaceknight. I think I was an intern at the time. He was really cool and he did not mind us watching him work. He even said a few words. "I try to keep my lines real loose. Like I almost don't care."

I'm sure he cared, but he did have a real fluid line. At one point in the early 90s he started inking other artists. People like Sal Buscema and M.C Wyman and many others. He is such a great artist he takes your pencils to another level but he never inked my stuff. Maybe one day.

The two pieces of art is from the early 90s and the BLAZE cover was penciled by Ron Wagner


Allen Gladfelter said...

Those are about the coolest things in the whole world! Sienkiewicz is one of my favourite artists of them all. Top of the hot damn list! What I wouldn't give to have been able to look over his shoulder while he did his thing. His inking is everything I wish I could pull off. How does he do it? I look at my own pages and, fuck, I'm so stiff. It's definitely on my list of things to do- to somehow, some way get him to ink my pencils. I'd consider it a schooling. Please forgive my enthusiasm, I just think Bill's the best. (He signed my copy of Stray Toasters with a very funny drawing and he sure was nice to me.) Thanks for sharing!

Damn, Don, it seems that you were in the bullpen right at the time that I was gobbling up Marvel Comics as fast as they could crank them out! LUCKY!!! You got any Kent Williams in your collection?

Don Hudson said...

Yes Allen, it was a neat time. As for kent williams, I don't have any copies of his work. I do have some more Sienkiewicz stuff. Keep on the lookout for it!