Friday, June 09, 2006

Tommy Lee can read!

I read the latest issue of GQ Magazine and came across a fashion photo shoot of Motley Crue drummer and infamous lover, Tommy Lee. He runs around in very fashionable outfits and leaps among the flora and fauna. What caught my attention was what he did by the pool! He reads comics! In the photo here, he's reading a Captain America book written by the Late Mark Gruenwald and penciled by Rik Levins (if memory serves me right). I knew Mark back when and he was into Werewolves. At one point the Cap book was overrun with Werewolves!

Anyway, All of the books that Tommy has with him were printed before 1996. Take a close look at the books on the ground. Are you a geek like me and can you identify who wrote and penciled those books?

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