Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My favorite Thing

Sixteen years ago, I was a young man trying to make a living drawing comics. I was on staff at Marvel Comics working for John Romita and one of the ways I made ends meet was to ink backgrounds for anyone who needed help. I was just starting to learn the fine points of comicbook inking and doing backgrounds for professionals was a great way to learn! Along the way I worked with many excellent artists. One name that stands out is Joe Sinnott. I was able to see how the long time inker of The Fantastic Four gave The Thing his trademark look. What does a background Inker do? He or she inks everything but the figures. Like cars and buildings. It saves time for the inker!

I did the backgrounds on FF issue 310. Joe had a regular guy working for him, but for whatever reason, he needed somebody fast and John Romita gave him my name. I really enjoyed working with him and I hope to see him at a convention where I can tell him how much I appreciate him.

I am posting scans of the issue I worked on! If you look closely, you'll see a guy in a cell that I inked. It's a very bad inking job.

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