Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Opinion

I do not believe that anyone who manages to evade the Border Police, find a job and continue to live here illegally should be granted immediate citizenship. I get the feeling after watching all the LA demonstrations, that anyone who accomplishes those things should be given amnesty right away.

It's been said that many immigrants take jobs that even black people won't take. As a black man, I have worked in fast food, hauling boxes, mopping, sweeping and serving coffee. I have always thought that any honest job is a good job. If all the undocumented workers were to disappear, businesses would have to offer a higher wage to find the next worker. I'm not anti-immigration! I believe in Legal Immigration.

If I am too Republican on this issue let me know.


Allen Gladfelter said...

As an American citizen who has picked crops and worked in construction to make money, the suggestion that illegal immigrants do work that American citizens are unwilling to do I find to be absurd. American citizens are willing to do any job that pays a fair and decent wage. At the core of the issue is that illegal immigrants are willing to work for wages that most American citizens would not consider fair and decent.

Allen Gladfelter said...

I forgot to mention that I have also worked as a janitor and in landscaping, so that makes four jobs I have held for significant amounts of time that are often associated with illegal immigration. None of them were well-paying. That's why I can stand being a cartoonist, I have handle poverty.

Don Hudson said...

I agree Allen. How about we raise the minimum wage to help everyone make a fair and decent wage?

Allen Gladfelter said...

Well. I think the main point is that illegal immigrants are willing to work for LESS than what is already minimum wage. That's why the business community wants to have them around, they work for less, they undercut the value of the American worker. Raising the minimum wage is fine, but it won't touch the illegal immigration issue. I, for one, think it would be good if those illegal immigrants within our borders would organize and demand their human rights be respected with better pay and working conditions.