Saturday, April 22, 2006

Art auction!

I went to an art auction last night here in Los Angeles. I thought it was neat! The Martin Lawrence Galleries had their auction at the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood. The room was filled with prints and originals that included works by Keith Haring, Warhol and Picasso. It was reasonably priced stuff like Linocuts and etchings. It was a lot like a museum except for the auctioneer. He had an engaging personality and did his best to keep the bidders interest in the art for sale. But he didn't sell himself short; If a particular work didn't make an already set reserve, he'd quickly shuffle it off the stage!

There was one piece I let escape me. I didn't buy anything, but this one was within my budget. A Salvador Dali Wood cut that had a lot of energy and nice composition. Not too big and in a classy frame. Take a look at this scan. It sold at auction for $750.00!
Do you think I made a mistake letting it pass?


Steve Buccellato said...

That's such a personal question, when it comes to spending money on stuff like that, we all have our own priorities. How much did you want it?

In the past, I've regretted not making some art purchases when I had the expendable income. In the long run though, I haven't lost ant sleep! I've lived without it! But then, I'm not really a collector.

Don Hudson said...

Y'know something...If I'd really wanted it, I would have bid on it. I think it was an excellent work that would only increase in value. I enjoyed looking at it but it just didn't knock my socks off like maybe an Alex Ross original would.

Allen Gladfelter said...

The challenge in this life is not in accumulating things. Things are anchors, lodging your soul against the currents of experience. The more things you cast aside, the more your soul can drift free. Don't worry that you did not accumulate this or that, perhaps the next day will bring you before something even more precious.

Now if it had been a Windsor McKay original Little Nemo page, then I would have exhorted you to acquire it. Some things are too cool to pass up!

Don Hudson said...

Allen, There was no W. McKay there, but there were several french posters from the 1900s. You would have liked them.