Thursday, March 02, 2006

New York Con

I read the various comicbook Blogs like so many of you out there and I have enjoyed the reports on the NYC convention at The Jacob Javits Center. My biggest question is where did all those people come from? A sold out convention? Refunds to those who could not enter? This was a show that was in a New York winter and competing with a more established Florida Con. I love NYC, but who can afford a hotel room?

My guess is that if you invite big names the fans will show up. Joe Quesada, Jim Lee, The DC Editorial staff and a lot of East Coast professionals chose the closer convention. I took a look at who had space at the Artists alley section and it was impressive for a first-time show. I hope next years show will have the kinks ironed out!

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Steve Buccellato said...

NYC hasn't had a convention for a while, so maybe people have been CRAVING one. I would never have guessed that a NYC con in FEBRUARY would have been a success! Why not May or October? Those are the nicest months in NYC. Go figure.