Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back Issue Magazine

A few months ago I sent a few art scans to the Editor of Back Issue Magazine. They were Garcia-Lopez photocopies of art I own. I had almost forgotten about them until the latest copy of Back Issue arrived. I was happy to contribute and I got a groovy mention on page 13! The magazine has an interview with Garcia-Lopez, Mike Ploog and Don Perlin.

Mike Ploog brings up an interesting point in his interview. Back when he did Werewolf by Night for Marvel, an artist had to be fast in order to get the job. You needed to draw maybe 21 pages of art with maybe 6 panels a page in a week and a half! I remember that the guy who screwed up a deadline would get a really bad rep. It was only after all of the deadline disasters of the Image books in the early 90s that the priorities changed.

I happen to like the way things are now. A creator can publish one book a year or a short series without worrying that fans will forget. I should mention that I am working on a sequel to my western book, Gunpowder Girl and The Outlaw Squaw, and I am taking my own sweet time.

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