Wednesday, February 15, 2006

San Diego Hotels

So what is going on!?! I tried making a reservation for the San Diego Con this morning and I had to keep redialing for 15Minutes to get someone to pick up! When I got a salesperson I found out that The Omni and The Gaslamp Hilton was sold out. Already! What happened to my con? The big money has screwed me out of a hotel room and I can't stand it.


Urban Barbarian said...

I got one at the Hyatt but it cost me some serious cash... The old days are over it would seem!

Marie Javins said...

I did pretty well with Priceline a couple of years ago as long as I didn't try for the Saturday night.

I tried 4*, Downtown for $70 for all but the Saturday and that got me the Hyatt. BUT I guess it's more expensive now, probably $95 or so if it even works.

Then you just pay the normal price at the same hotel for Saturday night through the Con.

Only problem is that's it's a risk because you don't KNOW you'll get the Hyatt. You only know you'll get a 4* in downtown. It's not the most reliable way to get a room.

Scott Sackett said...

The hotel situation in San Diego is getting pretty bad!

I took off work the morning they went on sale & got a room at the Hyatt(ouch!)

I was kicking myself for taking off the morning, but when I got home all the rooms were gone, so I'm glad I took off.

Still how bad is it that all the rooms sell out the day they go on sale?