Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fun with hotels

Good news! I found a hotel in San Diego! I have been hearing so much about problems with accommodations for this bloated event, It's a shame. There is a piece on 'The Beat" website that lists the number of hotels and amount of rooms. Can you believe that there is about 7000 rooms in downtown for an event that draws 100,000 people? I know that there are places to stay a few miles away from the action, like old town San Diego or La Jolla to the north. I bet those places are charging an arm and a leg.


Steve Buccellato said...

Actually, some of the old town hotels are quite a bit cheaper than, say, the hyatt or marriot. that's why mj stayed there. the problem is getting to the con. Personally, I don't think it's worth the savings because of the hassle of taking the shuttle or trolley with all those crowds of people. If you drive your own car, you'll pay through the nose for parking (if you can find it!)

I know YOU know all this, DH. That's why we like to stay right by the con. Hopefully this info will help other interested people decide what to do.

Marie Javins said...

For impoverished me, of course, paying $38 on Priceline for a 3-4 star room with free breakfast and wi-fi makes it worth taking the trolley, which lets you off closer to the con than any walk from any downtown hotel save the Marriott... but for people who actually have genuine incomes and/or are hosting a booth, it's just a hassle.

Remember the days when you could find great deals within walking distance of the Con? Villager Lodge? J Street Inn?

The $70/Priceline Hyatt room deal was awesome. I bet that's gone now too what with the con hotel room problems.