Saturday, September 10, 2005

weekend work!

This has been a busy, action packed week! I flew to NYC on Tuesday, had drinks with friends that night. Had a meeting with the Director and Art director of the show I'm working on (Jersey Boys...Coming soon to Broadway!) Then a short dinner at a cool BBQ joint on 45th st. Wednesday was my birthday and I spent half the day flying back to LA, but spent the night at an Italian Ristorante with friends! After a busy Thursday workday in Burbank, Friday night found me at another cool dinner with cool people. I hung out with a cool new friend, Nikki! She's Bright, bold and British! I share a birthday with my friend Rob and I was a guest at his West Hollywood dinner. This Saturday can only end with freelance work and maybe some backyard grilling! What's in store for Sunday? Football!

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