Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fun with tracing paper

I am a big fan of reference. I have all kinds of files and clippings of all sorts of everything! I've learned that a draftsman can draw anything, so getting the right ref. brings me closer to my goal of being a draftsman. Keeping this in mind, whenever I see any art on the web or when I take a look at a comic, I look at it with a critical eye. I look at my own art with the same attitude and I wind up rethinking and redrawing my own pages.

So the other day, I visit a website and see a pencil page from an upcoming book. It's a Vampirella page and at first blush it looks okay. Then I really look at it. I see that the artist needs a little help and a little unwanted advice. He should work on his anatomy. Especially children's' proportions. Also, a little help with composition. Now...This guy already has the work so why would he care? But Like I have said, as an artist, I'm trying to reach a goal of being the very best. Using reference correctly is helping me. It can help him too.

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Sara Kocher said...

Don, this is awesome. I'm not an artist, but I can immediately see the difference (and improvement) between the original and your correction.

If I were able to pencil, I'd want you to do the inks...you'd make me look fab.