Sunday, June 01, 2014

World Wrestling Comics

Years ago, I was the inker on a series of comics featuring the stars of the WWF.  Ron Wilson did the pencils and we tried to keep the athletes likenesses true to life. There were adventures with Rick Rude, Ultimate Warrior, Sting and many other wrestling stars of the day. The wrestler Sting is still around, but with darker makeup. More gothic make up I believe.
Now, I have learned about WW Comics! Different creative group, but with the same bone breaking action. On the left you can see a page from my run the WWF comic and on the right, an AD for the new comic.

I hope the new book is as much fun as the old one was!


Sharp Brothers said...

Ha ha i bought one issue of that comic many years ago and it was the one with that page. Just a quick correction your comic was for WCW which was the competing product to the then WWF(now WWE) so would not have featured The Ultimate Warrior he didn't join WCW until his short lived run in 1998.

Don Hudson said...

Thanks for setting the record straight Sharp Brothers!