Friday, December 06, 2013

Westside Drinky and Draw

Met up with a group of talented and creative people last night! We are all on the west side of Los Angeles and we never get together. Steve had an idea to emulate a social get-together that goes on in Downtown LA, and start something on the Westside of LA. I think we are calling it The South Bay Drink N Draw.
Who showed up at this first gathering? Starting from the Left, it's Mike Mignola, Mike Wellman, Brian Buccellato and Don Hudson.
 There were stories told, laughs and more than a few beers served!
This Photo shows Steve Buccellato, Rich Starkings, Scott Koblish and Mignola.
It was a great time and I lasted way past my bedtime! There will be another get together next month and wonder if it will catch on. See you there!


Kid said...

Next time you see Richard Starkings, Don, tell him that 'Glop' says hello. He'll know what you mean.

Don Hudson said...

'Glop' says hello? Will do!

arnie said...

Here's to creative people.