Sunday, September 22, 2013

Art Board Tryout!

The search continues. I tried out Blue Line Art Comic book art boards to see if it would stand up to pen, ink and brush.
The board is thin, so my choice of ink is important. I sometimes add formula 409 to adjust the consistency of my ink, so I will keep that in mind as I use the paper. Otherwise, I liked the paper.
It took the pencil well and I was able to cross-hatch on it.

I may look for a different weight, but I like the Blue Line Art Board so far!

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Ian Miller said...

I've heard mixed things about Blue Line. The higher end stuff is what Image uses and it's apparently some of the better comic-theme bristol board. But I've also heard that anything else was garbage.

I use HD boards from, check them out if you're interested in testing more paper. I've used them for almost 10 years and I've always liked the results. The only other paper I'll use besides this is Strathmore 500 stock.