Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Art Board Test

I tried out a new brand of paper recently. Strathmore Bristol semi-smooth surface. I am looking for a new brand of comic size paper, so I got out the pencil and ink.
It was unsuccessful. I am used to paper that won't bleed when I use a Quill.
Maybe this board is meant for marker, because I could not be true to my own pencils because I kept getting snagged up.
I will keep looking for a good board.


Ian Miller said...

Is that the 500 series stock? I used their 500 series plate bristol for a bit, and while I don't use quills it took brush work incredibly well. Try it out, it might work well with quills.

Don Hudson said...

Yes, It's the 500 stock Ian. It's fine for brush, but I use a lot of technique on my art, so I need more.

Story boards cartoons and caricatures said...

Hi Don, HAve you tried Schoelerhamer boards and papers.
Very smooth, and no bleed. I used it a lot a few years ago when I worked in Europe. If you can find it, it may suit your work. Best of luck.