Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Support my Kickstarter!

As we start the final 4 days of my Kickstarter campaign, I am still banging the drum! This short vid was taken at this past Saturdays Long Beach Convention! My friends Scott Lobdell and Dave Wohl are on the team! Thanks guys!

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erbrown said...

Y'know, buddy-- I'm a big believer in trying to help an old comrade out-- but you've made it really difficult.
I just got your Kickstarter mailer Tues. I just tried your link-- when I did so, Kickstarter turned "project" into "profile" by itself! and told me that didn't exist. Yes, I tried three times. So, I directly entered your provided number: 1011817108 right into Kickstarter. Sorry, bud-- you don't exist there. I'm glad you're still so full of beans-- but get back to work!