Friday, April 15, 2011

Storytelling Shorthand

James McAvoy is a great young actor! I first saw him in the first Narnia movie and he's been doing a lot since then. I've noticed a little something about the roles he's been playing recently. He's seems to play the attractive and intelligent nerd type and he does so with or without a love interest. I've seen two examples where he shows his smarts and likability, posted below. He plays a game of chess with someone.

The first image is from a movie released 5 or so years ago called 'Penelope', and the second is from the new X-men film, due out this summer.
Coincidence? Maybe. Who knows if the directors or the screenwriters were thinking alike about McAvoy or if this is kind of shorthand used for all kinds of actors. I will keep my eyes open!

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