Monday, February 14, 2011

Are you following this?

It's been a slow month for blogging, but I am starting up again in a big way! For those who are new to this blog, let me give you some background.
I'm Don. I am now an Illustrator on the West Coast but in a previous life I worked as an inker in NYC. I had a chance to know some great people and I worked over some wonderful pencils! I was such a fan, I made copies of all the stuff that excited me. I thought that I could be cool to share the stuff I've saved with every one who follows my blog!
Everyone in the world can check it out, but YOU guys can see it first. Starting tomorrow, I will post scans of some art from the 90's and I'll add some commentary. Your comments are welcome as well!
Are you following this?


Steve Buccellato said...

I am!

Pat said...

Yes. Saw a comment you made on one of cyclopeatron's posts, and liked the "island girl adventure" art you were posting.

Greg Christopher said...

Sorry to be late to the dance, but I am here now.

What a nice find at the end of crappy Monday. Party on, Don! I shall be watching.