Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Somebody Swiped Me!

I got an Email from a fellow in Sweden. He came across a drawing I posted in my blog maybe three years ago. He wanted to use some cat drawings I did for the 'Warriors' Book way back when. I have no problem with it, the scans are really low res and he asked permission. Take a look at his siteHERE.


Aman Chaudhary said...

"Swiped" implies that he didn't get permission. But you said you gave it to him. I'm not sure I'm following what happened here.

Don Hudson said...

I should have been clearer. He took the art then contacted me after the fact. That's the swipe part. Since the horse is out of the barn and the guy is on another continent, I gave him permission. I really wish he would send a check to me for it's use. Now I'm getting worked up.

Anonymous said...

I can send you some Swedish candy or something as a thank you? (And by the way, I'm a SHE! :p)