Friday, May 07, 2010

Before, then After!

I am posting a drawing penciled by Rod Ramos around 1989 and inked by me that same year! We were both on staff in the Marvel Bullpen trying to get to the next level. Rod did a lot of pencilling while I focused on inking. Psi-Force was one of the new Universe books and there were opportunities to get some work. This was never a cover or even published, but you have to get your stuff out there. My inks are kinda soft on this piece, I was using a brush and not in command of it at that time.

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Kevie said...

Wow, it's really fun to see this. It's such a perfect window into the past, I love looking at it. The fact that it's a piece you guys did as a tryout, not for publication, makes me love it all the more.