Sunday, November 29, 2009

I like 2012!

I was attracted to the 2012 promotional images from the start. Worldwide floods and LA falling into the sea? I am SO there! My GF did not want to see the film, but Steve agreed to catch an early morning show with me. We arrived at the Century City AMC Theatre in time to watch the enormous 2012 poster come down from the wall opposite of the movie house. Even though I could not fit a 30ftx120ft poster in my living room, I asked if I could take a portion of it home. No such luck.

The movie was a great disaster film! All the destruction I could ever hope for! That brings me to this smaller, but still awesome poster in my living room. I went to my GFs home town for Thanksgiving. We went to the movies to catch 'The Blind Side' and I saw the indoor cardboard standee poster for 2012 in the hallway. As I am wont to do, I asked a passing manager if I could have the poster when the movie house is finished with it. He said that he would find out and if I surrendered my contact info, he would call me back. OK.

A few hours later,as we are preparing to eat, I get a call! I can take it tonight! My gal and I return to the movie house and spend 20 minutes breaking down the standee. We got some much needed help from some AMC employees. I never appreciated the construction of those things until now, and a special thanks to my understanding girlfriend!

I feel lucky to have a seven foot tall image of the end of the world in my apartment. If you saw the mess that is my living room, you would call it a disaster.

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