Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comic-Con on Thursday

My GF and I went to San Diego for the world famous convention on Thursday! We drove down this morning around 5:00 and we just got back. We only wanted to do a day trip and there were some panels we wanted to watch. The first was the 'Female power Icons'. The Women of Science Fiction, that included Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana and Eliza Dushku. Great panel! I became a big fan of Saldana after hearing her speak. The next panel was the 'Burn Notice' panel that featured Bruce Campbell. He was really charming and had a huge personality! Whenever someone asked a question he liked, he gave that person money. Great fun! The next panel was for 'Psych'. I was not as familiar with that show, but the lead actors appeared and they were funny and engaging. The panel would have been better had the moderator been more professional.

After we left, we walked to a networking party in the Gaslamp Quarter and met with Steve and Brian Buccellato. The first 400 beers were free!

There was a lot of walking, some eating and a few hours spent waiting in a few lines. I was very happy to have spent the day with my girlfriend, and I would not have changed a thing.

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