Friday, February 20, 2009

More Before, then After!

A couple of years ago, I drew a book for Moonstone called 'KHAN' based on a fictional account of the Asian conqueror. It was written by my old boss Tom DeFalco and the first issue was a lot of fun. We were asked to do a second issue and I pencilled all 24 pages. But as soon as I finished pencilling, the book was cancelled! Bad times. I could ink the pages and maybe the book will see print one day. Until then, take a look at my layout to page 7 and the finished pencil page.

When I ink myself, I draw looser. Maybe I will tighten up the art and find someone else to ink it.


babyphat523 said...

Great sketch to pencils! So much emotion in the characters faces.

Don Hudson said...

Thanks babyphat!