Monday, January 05, 2009

Farewell Old Stereo

This is my old Sony Mini-System. It was top of the line when I bought it in 1993. It had everything I needed to help entertain me as I inked thousands of pages of comic-book art.
It used to sit to the right of me during all-nighters. I would tune in my favorite radio stations with the tiny buttons on top. I would tape my favorite shows on the dual tape deck and repeat my favorite songs with the CD Player on the bottom. It has not been next to me for a long time now. The radio works, but the tape player is now hostile towards audio tapes and the CD player has not worked since the Clinton Administration. I have gone on to other entertainment devices.

I only listen to CDs in the car and I use my ipod everywhere else. My old mini-system could never search the Internet like the latest ipod can.

I bid you farewell mini-system. Hopefully, you can bee recycled into a $100 laptop that will serve a third-world school child as well as you served me.

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