Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Greenpoint is Dirty

I used to live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn maybe 19 years ago. I have fond memories of the good times and good friends, but do remember the cold weather and stinky smells. The last time I visited NYC, I took a quick trip to the old neighborhood and I blogged about it.

Recently, I caught an article about how toxic the place is and how it's affecting the property values. Maybe I should even get a check up.Click Here!


Marie Javins said...

It's really odd that people are so worried about their property values that they won't let inspectors in. What good is property if you are too sick to live in it?

ROCKWITZ said...

Greenpoint will always be a shithole. When we lived there the 3pm stench would waft into the windows. There would be half an inch of soot on the window sills. Horrendous-but now a hipster heaven!!!! Whoo hoo