Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Past

I look forward to dressing up in costume tonight! I try to celebrate the day every year and I have the photos to prove it! Take a look at a few outfits over the years! The first shot is of my Toga costume from last year. I went to a nutty Toga party in Bel Air with everyone in Ancient Roman dress!
The second photo is my standard Samurai outfit. I keep it around and I have worn it for years! The last photo was taken at the old Marvel bullpen. I wore a Joker costume at the Halloween party there. I think it was 1992. It was a white tuxedo that I spray painted purple and a wig I painted green. I had a lot of fun in that outfit!
I plan on meet my GF later tonight and we will go to the parade later. Photos to come soon!

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