Saturday, September 13, 2008


I started a job in 1997 for Jazzercise. I quickly realized that I would need help and I called the good people at MadScienceMedia to help me out. It was maybe 200 drawings in color with revisions!

It was exercises on a CD-ROM that people would view on their computers called CyberStretch. You could sit at your computer monitor and look at the drawings as they take the positions, and you would mimic the positions. You could exercise as you work!

Anyway, I got an email recently from the head guy at Jazzercise. He wanted copies of the Photoshop files for an updated version of Cyberstretch and I was happy to hear from him! I always thought he was a good guy.
Nowadays, you can go to thewebsite and download it. I think that's cool.

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