Monday, December 10, 2007

What I did today.

I woke up early today around 4:30. I usually like to get a good night sleep and wake at 6:00, but it was not to be. I got dressed and drove to the all night Kinkos in Westwood, CA. It's a nice place that is usually empty except for homeless guys. I had to make some copies for the good people at Moonstone Books. I worked on the Kolchak stuff I am doing for them over the weekend.

So after my Kinkos' run, I got some coffee at the closest Starbucks. That was around 5:30. I got a Venti drip and a cranberry scone. I don't think the barista charged me for it. Weird. I drove home and got to work on more Kolchak pencils. I want to pay attention to the work I am doing on this book because I want to do the Barnabas character right. Hopefully it will look good in print.

I listen to the Howard Stern show until 11:00 while penciling the Kolchak stuff, then I grab some stuff for the Post Office. I have to be in Burbank by 12:00 but I have to put some stuff in the mail! A X-mas card to Rob and Nancy in NJ and a romantic letter to a girl I am sweet on in Hollywood. So busy!

I make my appointment in the valley then I take time to shop at the Costco in Burbank. Vodka...check. Steaks...check. Magazines...double check. With all the basic food groups covered, I head home. I play Madonna's Greatest Hits while on the road.

As soon as I settle myself I put some coals on the grill and light the BBQ. It's 1:30. I have lunch with wine, clean up the dishes and I check my Email. Hey! My editor at T-Pop needs the cover for the Warriors book! No prob.

I will drop off a disk tomorrow, but I am enjoying the day.

There was a lot to do today, and a lot got done. I had a lot of fun and I love to be busy!


Steve Buccellato said...

You're livin' the dream!

Allen Gladfelter said...

Great post!

Aman Chaudhary said...

She's got two Greatest Hits collections. Which one did you play?

Don Hudson said...

I played the second one. I can't get enough of 'Beautiful Stranger'!