Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More Dollar Comics

I picked up some more Dollar comics at my local comic shop the other day. I surprised myself by buying 2 issues of 'Mighty Samson' published by Gold Key comics in 1973. These were books drawn by real old school artists. Maybe the type that smoked cigars and drew any kind genre book out there. The book did not have any credits, but I'm sure I might recognize the artists' style if I looked at a few DC books of that era. Another treat was a bunch of KA-ZAR comics from Marvel. It had some of the sweetest art by Buscema and Alcala, but in color! The line work held up and Alcala did his own lettering. I especially enjoyed Issue 12 with a Kirby cover and Russ Heath art. I never knew the old KA-Zar books were so much fun. All that for a dollar each!

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