Friday, January 19, 2007

Art on Ebay

I decided to visit Ebay to see what's available. There is a lot of original art on the auction site and it's high quality! I saw entire 6 page EC stories by Wally Wood, some sweet MAD magazine art and a few Ross Andru Spider-Man Pages. What reaaly caught my eye was this Earl Norem painting. It was published by Marvel for one of the Savage Sword books, I can't remember which one and the seller does not say. It would have been cool to show the published cover next to the painting, but the seller did not do that.

It looked like the "seller" was really an auction house. They seem to have the best stuff! Pieces like the Spidey pages and all the covers were so expensive, I could not look at them for very long for fear of burning my eyes! There were some newspaper daily strips that were undervalued. A lot of Flash Gordon strips that could be bought for fifty bucks or so.

The Norem painting is okay, The focus seems to be on the giant about to kill Conan, but it's nice work. I followed it's auction and the winning bid was over $3,000 dollars!

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