Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday disaster film

The disaster movie became a fine "art" in the 1970s. There was an unpopular war going on, the government was crooked, gas prices at an all time high and the Environment became an issue for conservatives and liberals alike. My favorite disaster film of that time was Soylent Green. What a bleak vison of the future. Overpopulation, depleted resources and a sweaty Charlton Heston. As dark as the film got, there were flashes of hope and optimism. Especially at the end when Heston raised a bloody hand to tell the the world that the end is nigh.

I should have recognized this before, but the disaster movie is back. Similar circumstances and just as bleak as before. It's Christmas Day and I've just seen Children of Men. A film starring Julianne Moore and Clive Owen. The story revolves around a pregnant girl in a world about to collapse. There hasn't been a child born in 18 years, so this baby and the mother try an escape to a far off sanctuary. On the journey, the film shows how far civilization has fallen, as Concentration camps and Martial law takes over.

The film is truly scary. Taking place in a near future and touching subjects like Holy war and Guantanamo Bay. This is a film that has taught me a valuble lesson...don't ever watch a disaster film on Christmas day. It can be kinda depressing.

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