Thursday, December 08, 2005

Marie Javins

I have recently read a blog called 'No Hurry in Africa' by Marie Javins. I consider her a world traveler and she has made friends all over the world and walked roads that Magellan could not have imagined. I think that Marie is one of the bravest people I know because she has been through lorry crack-ups, riots and more shifty border guards than James Bond. After reading her latest blog of Dec. 06, I am thinking that maybe she has had some grave doubts about the direction of her life.

I would not want her to continue just to entertain me. I enjoy the blog it's true, but I would say this: Does traveling in this way make you happy? Would you give up a nomadic lifestyle to return to a nine to five? I have known Marie for a long time and I say that she would be miserable.

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Marie Javins said...

I think you are right; but it would be nice to have a paycheck once in a while!